Logo Design Case Study #1


This is one of our recent challenging logo design projects for a showers and water tapping company based in Germany. The case study details our step by step process of creating an original logo design as per the client’s specifications and industry standards.

Company Name: Aquavital
Order No: SLD-19978 – 789
Package: Startup Business Plan (This package covers 5 logo options, unlimited revisions, business card, envelope design, letterhead design and Facebook cover design)

Company Background:

The Company primarily sells showers, water taps, hoses and water mixers with valves, for bathroom and kitchen sinks. The products are mainly composed of brass with a high copper content, giving them anti-bacterial and anti-corrosion qualities. This ensures that the accessories are safe to use, environmentally friendly, built-to-last and highly durable. The name ‘Aquavital’ denotes the essential properties of water and the part that it plays in keep us alive and healthy.

Feel of the Logo:

The client wished for their new business logo to be contemporary, but not too modern/minimalist. They wanted it look ‘cordon-bleu’ (blue ribbon). They wanted the logo to signify the company’s dedication to creating solid, dependable, long-lasting devices that utilise advanced technology, are ecological, whilst also giving the logo a sense of ethereal quality, as well. They desired the logo to consist of apple green, aquamarine, silver and/or brass colours.

Initial Logo Designs

Option 1

logo design sydney

Option 2

business logo design sydney

Option 3

graphic design sydney

Option 4

small business logo design sydney

Option 5

corporate logo design sydney

Client Feedback

After reviewing the first set of initial logo designs, the client gave her thoughts and feedback on them:

“ I like the design with the orange. Could you work it into a V shape? As in Aqua“V“ital. Take out the gray in the middle and make three curved “bars “instead. The one you made was good, but we need it more integrated into the name. The lowest part should be orange, with one light point, simulating the “source of vitality“, the second and third bars should be blue or turquoise like the top part of the logo you made. I was actually thinking more along the lines of flowing bars which together look like an inverted triangle (V). ”

1st Revised Logo

graphic designer sydney

Client’s Feedback

“ Yes, it is looking quite gorgeous! Just one more thing, close the distance between the bars and shrink it a little so it is more or less the same size as the other letters; so the inverted triangle shape is more obvious. That, and we’re good to go. Tell me, would I get the files in .ai format? Or are you making them in .psd? ”

2nd Revised Logo

logo designer sydney

Client’s Feedback

“The curves should be thicker, the distance between the curves much smaller. I think after you edit this time you can send me the vectors. I like it very much. Simple but vibrant. Thank you Imran, Tania.”

3rd Revised Logo

custom logo design sydney

Client’s Approval

After final changes on the design, she approved the design with great gratitude.

“Looks great, you guys nailed it, I am very much happy with the process and would certainly look forward to do more logos with you guys!!! Send me the files for the logo please. “