When does Logo Specialist start working on my project?
Your project is begun just as soon as we receive the request.

When can I expect to see drafts of the logo?
Drafts are ready within 1 to 3 business days from the time we receive your payment.

How many changes can I make to the logo design?
Beyond our most basic logo package which includes just three revisions, Logo Specialist will make any number of changes until you are 100% satisfied.

What if first drafts are really not to my liking?
Logo Specialist can present you with 3 or even more totally new variations and we may ask a few more questions about your vision and your ideas, the personality you want to project or your position in the market. Either way, you get unlimited access to the brains behind our designers until you are 100% satisfied.

Can Logo Specialist just redo my existing logo?
Yes. Your existing identity, image and brand is always going to be considered in the design process, whether you want to scrap it and start new or you want to bring it up to date.

Can I do my own design and just have you clean it up?
You bet! Your ideas and visions are exactly what make Logo Specialist, and our designs, so unique and special. We rely on a team of thousands of thinkers to come up with what we do.

Can Logo Specialist do illustrations to support my website or sales materials?
Yes, but the packages on the website do not include more extensive illustration work. Because we only sometimes take on more extensive graphics projects we quote each job independently based on the specific requirements.

What’s the difference between an illustration and a corporate image?
Corporate images are simple, unique, and memorable. They coincide with the company’s logo, colors and are used to unify the entirety of a company’s presentation. Illustrations, on the other hand, are unique and used to visually enhance or strengthen a specific presentation. Part of a website or other written material, illustrations should tie in with the overall image of the company, but they may do so in a more or less obvious manner.

Does Logo Specialist design brochures?
Yes, Logo Specialist will design just about any print or web business collateral that you can imagine. Our online portfolio shows just some of the brochure, flyer and website materials we’ve delivered in the last year.

What software do you use to create the logo design?
Our designers work with multiple software application, mostly Adobe Illustrator for the logo design work.

What about the rights to the designs?
Copyrights are transferred with your payment from us to you and Logo Specialist will never make a claim to rights over design work that we release.

Does Logo Specialist have any rights over the logo design?
Logo Specialist doesn’t in any way register or protect the designs that we deliver to our customers. Customers may register their logos at any time without restriction, however it is also entirely up to the client to protect and register the rights of the designs. We do closely watch the designs that we release so that no one may claim artistic or intellectual rights to the designs and any disputes will be discussed with the owner of the logo, the customer, on an individual basis. Normally a simple “cease and desist letter” is sufficient remedy.

Can Logo Specialist design logos for something besides small businesses? Like for titles or products?
Logo Specialist will create any type of graphic identity for any type of business, product or for anything that requires a graphic identity.

Can I mix and match packages?
Our sales representative will be happy to discuss your specific needs beyond the initial logo design. We may be able to offer a focused discount on a particular package of the products and designs we normally offer.

Why are the colors different in my printed stationary from the design on the screen?
Logo Specialist matches the RGB colors onscreen with Pantone colors used for printing. Pantone colors can sometimes appear different on screen because of the resolution settings of the computer monitor. We send a version of the logo in RGB colors but these may also not appear exactly as the printed version may appear.

What files will I get when I order a logo?
Logo Specialist provides optimized bitmap files for the WEB: (*.GIF 72dpi, *.JPEG 150dpi, PNG-24 (transparent)), high-resolution image (*.TIFF 300dpi), scalable vector files for printing (*.ai, *.pdf) in RGB colors and a black & white version. Logos of less than 4 colors are also sent in Pantone colors.

Can I get scalable vector files?
Yes, all of our designs are deliverable as scalable vector files.

What is vector or scalable file?
Vector files can be scaled or resized without any loss of quality or resolution. It’s best to make GIF files or other bitmap formats for online use. Vector files are mostly used by professional designers and sent directly to the printer. Vector files are only really for use with software like Adobe Illustrator and Corbel Draw and your printer may ask for them depending on the print project so Logo Specialist keeps them on file in case you need them in the future.

What about bitmap files?
Bitmap files will be very useful for software applications like Adobe Photoshop, Photo Paint and a huge variety of other applications. Bitmap files are more commonly used (outside of the professional design world) because they are useful for websites and even in many desktop applications. Small in size they’re not usually modified because the resolution tends to be too small to customize. The most popular bitmap files are GIF, JPEG, TIFF and BMP.

What are Pantone colors?
Pantone is the standard used by print shops around the world. Pantone is a universally agreed upon system that allows graphics professionals, designers, and printers to talk in one language.

Can I edit my business cards and stationery?
Yes, you can edit, or change all the information on your business card and stationery. You will need to have Adobe Illustrator, or Corel Draw installed on your computer, because your stationery files are in a vector format.

Why does the color look different when I print it?
A desktop printer won’t match exact colors that you see on the screen. A good quality desktop printer can be calibrated to match the screen, but in most cases color printing is done in a professional print shop, or with a calibrated high quality printer.

What is a difference between CMYK and Pantone colors?
CMYK and Pantone each have distinct advantages and drawbacks. CMYK is preferable for print jobs of more than 3 colors. CMYK works best on desktop printers but it does not offer the best accuracy of color nor the most consistent coloring. Professionally printed stationery, on the other hand, requires Pantone colors because, though more expensive, is a highly accurate spot color printing technique.