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No matter what industry you are in, presentation is everything. We help Sydney businesses gain a competitive edge through our range of high quality graphic design services. We specialize in all manner of print mediums including business stationery, marketing materials (such as brochures), signs, posters, invitations (weddings, corporate events and other special occasions) and of course, designs for all your digital marketing purposes. We can also handle all your corporate branding needs. We create compelling visual content that leaves a powerful lasting impression.

Professional Graphic Design Solutions That Captivate Your Audience

At Logo Specialist, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding, yet affordable graphic design solutions for businesses of all sizes. From single-employee startup businesses through to large scale enterprises, we always go the extra mile to ensure a truly first class design service.

We have a wealth of experience creating designs that are suitable for all forms of print media and we understand that even in an age that is dominated by the digital space, it is often the traditional print media that still plays the most important role in communicating and engaging with your prospective clients.

Whether it’s an immaculately designed business card, poster or brochure, print media leaves a powerful lasting impression. For this reason, it’s essential that your physical material is of the highest standard and closely aligns with your brand identity. Our print work can be produced as a standalone product or as part of an all-encompassing branding campaign for you.

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Any Doubts? Read Our FAQ’s

When does Logo Specialist start working on my project?

Your project is begun just as soon as we receive the request.

How many changes can I make to the logo design?

Beyond our most basic logo package which includes just three revisions, Logo Specialist will make any number of changes until you are 100% satisfied.

What if first drafts are really not to my liking?

Logo Specialist can present you with 3 or even more totally new variations and we may ask a few more questions about your vision and your ideas, the personality you want to project or your position in the market. Either way, you get unlimited access to the brains behind our designers until you are 100% satisfied.

Can Logo Specialist just redo my existing logo?

Yes. Your existing identity, image and brand is always going to be considered in the design process, whether you want to scrap it and start new or you want to bring it up to date.

Can I do my own design and just have you clean it up?

You bet! Your ideas and visions are exactly what make Logo Specialist, and our designs, so unique and special. We rely on a team of thousands of thinkers to come up with what we do.

Can Logo Specialist do illustrations to support my website or sales materials?

Yes, but the packages on the website do not include more extensive illustration work. Because we only sometimes take on more extensive graphics projects we quote each job independently based on the specific requirements.

What's the difference between an illustration and a corporate image?

Corporate images are simple, unique, and memorable. They coincide with the company's logo, colors and are used to unify the entirety of a company's presentation. Illustrations, on the other hand, are unique and used to visually enhance or strengthen a specific presentation. Part of a website or other written material, illustrations should tie in with the overall image of the company, but they may do so in a more or less obvious manner.

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