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Logo Design Case Study #2


One2One marketing agency is providing all kinds of Online Marketing solutions (AdWords, SEO, Email, Web analysis, CRM, Content Marketing) that are tailored to the customers of our customers. The case study shows step by step process of creating a business logo design as per the client’s specifications and industry standards.

Company Name: ONE2ONE Marketing

Feel of Logo: 

  • I think the most important thing here is to find a good typo that conveys creativity. It must make a heavy first impression to the visitor.
  • Although it is about high tech online marketing I would rather not highlight this but more of the creative aspect.
  • Anyway also not too playful as we also want to convey trustworthiness!
  • Simplicity and clean is good. Two font’s maximum, one for the “One2One” and the same or another for the slogan. Two colors maximum.
  • What we do is personalized one to one marketing. So perhaps you can find a graphical element (maximum one) for decoration that underlines the message of “One to one marketing”.
  • From my past experiences it is best if you give me a broad range of not well worked out suggestions for the start. Then I can point out a direction better if I have only 2 or 3 suggestions. After the direction is found, it often comes quick to the final result.

Initial Logo Designs

Mock 1

business logo design sydney


Mock 2

business logo design sydney


Mock 3

business logo design sydney


Mock 4

business logo design sydney


Mock 5

business logo design sydney


Client Feedback

After reviewing the first set of initial logo designs, the client gave her thoughts and feedback on them:

“Generally I like the One/One and “two” not being in one line, like you did in options 1 and 5.

Mock5 – 1st favorite. The one within the “O” is too much of a detail here, the fine bordering lines at the top and bottom are barely visible. I would leave this out or replace it with something else. The font of the “2” is nice and also the arrangement of One/One and 2 in separate lines. Perhaps a good alternative of this one would be to have the “One” in a more dynamic font and the “2” in a straight font, just to try this out.

Mock1 – 2nd favorite. Color combination is nice here and also the idea of the two lines: One/One in first and below the 2. Font is also nice but it looks a little too feminine to me.

Mock4 – The Online Marketing is too small readable here. The font is outstanding but I think it would not fit the layout of my site as it is rather squared than rounded.

Mock2 – This one is out. It has too much detail and looks too “techy” for me (the little squares, black on white, the two with arrows)

Mock3 – This one is out. The font is too standard and I do not like the arrows.

Please work on Mock 5 and 1 and I would be happy to get 2 fresh ideas from you based on my feedback.”


1st Revision Round

Option 1-a

custom logo design sydney

Option 1-b

custom logo design sydney

Option 5-a

custom logo design sydney

Client’s Feedback:

“5a is out and 1a and b are a direction. I would still prefer the dynamic typo from option 1a. Is the font for “Online Marketing” a standard font?

Can you give me a variation with another font that is very similar to the one used for “One … One”.

Can you give me variations where the “2” is in one line with the One … One and the slogan stretches from left to right completely?

Also please give me two variations where the thickness of the “One … One” lines is larger than now. “


2nd Revision Round

Option 1-c

custom logo design sydney

Option 1-d

custom logo design sydney

Option 1-e

custom logo design sydney

Option 1-f

custom logo design sydney

Option 1-g

custom logo design sydney


Client’s Feedback:

“1c is out

1e font is nice to, please make “One/One” a little thinner

1d: Please make “One/One” thickness like in 1f and write “Targeted Online Marketing” as slogan. Also make “One2One” in one line.

1f: Please try a variation where first “One” is low, “2” is middle and last “One” is high.”


3rd Revision Round

Option 1d-a

logo design sydney

Option 1f-a

logo design sydney

Client’s Feedback:

“I’d like to try a more dynamic font for the “2”. You had another font in the first draft of that logo which was option1.jpg. Please give a variation with this font. And with that font please make a) the “2” once with the same thickness as the “one” and b) the “2” once a little thicker than the “one”.”


4th Revision Round

Option 1d-b

logo designers sydney

Option 1d-c

logo designers sydney

Client’s Feedback:

“I think Option 1d-a, is still the best fit, those look a little bit too playful now. Can you send me a PNG with transparent background so I can test it in my layout please? Finding a good color combination is the last thing then.”


Client’s Approval

logo design sydney

“Alright thank you. We are through then; I will stay with this brilliant logo. Can you please send me the favicons in the following sizes: 16×16, 32×32, 48×48, 70×70, 76×76, 120×120, 128×128, 196×196, 180×180 and 57×57, 114×114, 72×72, 144×144.

Also I would need the logo in the final size which is a height of 90px in transparent PNG.

I am really happy with the final result and you guys are nailed it.”


If you are looking for design with difference then you have come to the right place. Please have a look on our logo design portfolio and find out how your logo will look like.

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